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We have one of the finest walk in cigar humidor in the city. We carry a wide variety of the best Cuban cigars and cigarillos available - including these fine brands.

The Cuban Cigar Experience

Smoking a Havana is universally recognized as a supreme form of pleasurable indulgence. Over the years many attempts have been made to emulate the delicacy of flavor of Cuban grown tobaccos. None has succeeded.

So what is it that makes Havanas so special?

A lot of things. A unique blend of sun, soil and skill. Painstaking attention to detail. Stringent quality control. A refusal to rush things or to cut corners. Above all, a wealth of human skills at each step in the many stages it takes to create a Havana Cigar.

There are five tobacco regions in Cuba: Oriente, Remdios, Partidos, Semi Vuelta and Vuelta Abajo.

Only Vuelta Abajo with its unique soil and climate produces all the leaves needed to blend a Cigar. It is here that we find “The Cradle of Havanas”.

Cigar Making

The Galera is the heart of any cigar factory. Here it is that the Torcedores, graded according to their ability, create the different brands and sizes. Their only tools, a wooden board, a sharp blade called a Chaveta, a guillotine, a pot of natural vegetable gum and, above, their fingers. The average daily output of one of these craftsmen is 120 cigars.

Whether you are a seasoned cigar smoker or are just looking to get started, allow us to take your cigar experience to a new level!

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