The Wet Shave - Classic Shaving

Wet shaving is keeping your face wet with a lot of hot water before, and throughout, the entire processes of shaving. It is suggested that you should try to shave after a hot shower. However, if you need to shave without a shower then make sure that you wet your face with a lot of hot water before your shave. Hot water between your skin and the lather will allow the blade to glide on the surface of your skin instead of pulling on it; which is the main reason for irritation, redness, and shave bumps. With a wet shave you get cleaner and better-looking skin. The function of the hot water is to open the pores of the skin, relax the muscles, and soften the facial hair allowing the blade to glide smoothly. The secret of a wet shave is keeping your face wet at all times during the shave. Whatever equipment you use for shaving, you will be amazed at how comfortable shaving can be when you keep your face wet with hot water at all times.

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