Walking Canes or Walking Sticks

Walking sticks started out as a necessary tool for the shepherd and traveler. A nice hefty stick was an excellent way to protect against thieves and to keep livestock in line. Over time, the walking stick gradually began to be known as a symbol of power and strength, and eventually authority and social prestige. Today many people need a walking stick to support themselves due to an injury or plain old age. The distinction between walking sticks and canes is based on the materials used; walking sticks were made of ivory, whalebone, ebony (and other valuable woods) and today many are made of modern materials like carbon fibre. Canes were made from Malacca (a type of rattan), bamboo and other very strong and light woods. A good walking stick not only offers support but can also be a fashionable item. Many people buy more than one style for different occasions.

A cane or walking stick has four main parts:

We have facilities in house to size the sticks correctly as well as customize them with your initials or phone number. We also have a number of accessories like a wrist strap and holders to hang the stick on to a desk/table etc. to go with the sticks!